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Husqvarna 122hd60 24 Husqvarna 122hd60 24" Petrol Hedge Trimmer (£266.65 ex VAT) Price : £319.98
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Stihl Hs45 24 Inch Compact Hedge Trimmer Stihl Hs45 24 Inch Compact Hedge Trimmer (£211.65 ex VAT) Price : £253.98
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Stihl Hs56c-e 24 Stihl Hs56c-e 24" Hedge Trimmer (£390.83 ex VAT) Price : £469.00
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Stihl Hse52 230v Hedge Trimmer 50cm/20 Stihl Hse52 230v Hedge Trimmer 50cm/20" (£108.32 ex VAT) Price : £129.98
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Stihl Fs70-ce Petrol Brushcutter(handlebars) Stihl Fs70-ce Petrol Brushcutter(handlebars) (£308.32 ex VAT) Price : £369.98
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Hedge Trimmers

Hedge Trimmers

Hedge Trimmers

With hedge trimmers and long-reach hedge trimmers, work in gardens and parks is made less complicated. These pieces of equipment have been designed for an undeniably cozy trimming performance. Hedge trimmers were developed predominantly for reducing overgrown thickets and above all long hedges. Wherever height is required, long reach hedge trimmers are the answer.

You can be sure your hedge trimmer will be all-round safe and comfortable to use. The rear handle maybe adjustable enabling you to cut the sides and top of your hedge and the extended cutter on the long reach hedge trimmer makes light work of the tallest hedges. Full adjustability also makes hedge trimmers less tiring to work with.

Many hedge trimmer models are equipped with an auto return stop switch, meaning that when the machine is turned off, the stop switch automatically returns to the start position for easier starting. This way your hedge trimmer will be ready whenever you are.

Brush Cutters and Strimmers

Grass trimmers, brushcutters and clearing saws swiftly tame lengthy grass and undergrowth. The machines can be fitted with the right cutting instrument for mowing small areas of grass to scaling down overgrown thickets.

Overgrown grass, path borders and hard to reach areas are easy to tackle with the electric and petrol grass trimmers and brushcutters. Their powerful motors make the removal of grass and undergrowth quick and easy. Most of the handles are adjustable to individual body height and cutting conditions while the loop handle enables you to guide the appliance safely.


Product specifics

The Stihl HS45 is a introductory model for backyard trimming. With Elastostart for cozy beginning. Here are some of its features:

Anti-vibration process:
exactly calculated spring elements dampen down vibrations from the engine to a minimum, decreasing fatigue.

Double-sided blade:
dual floor blade approach presents a smooth cut. Best for reducing more advantageous, thicker branches.


STIHL ElastoStart reduces the shock brought about via the compression of the engine whilst starting. The compression shock is taken faraway from the users joints and muscular tissues by way of a spring or rubber aspect in the starter control.

Electronic ignition module:
This ensures trustworthy starting and trouble-free jogging. The ignition approach is totally encapsulated and as a result proof against damp and filth.

Guide gasoline pump:
A small fuel pump supplies gasoline to the carburetor at the contact of a button. This reduces the number of starting strokes required following improved breaks in operations.


The Stihl FS 70 C-E is extremely robust 0.9 kW petrol brushcutter with bike handle. 2-MIX engine consumes up to 20% less fuel and 70% less emissions compared to conventional two-stroke engines without 2-MIX technology. ErgoStart simplified starting procedure for increased comfort. Optimised trimmer angle for working on large areas of tough grass.

Diminished-emission engine science:
2-stroke engine with stratified cost. A fuel-free layer of air is created between the burned charge in the combustion chamber and the recent charge within the crankcase, reducing the amount of gas lost for the duration of the charge cycle. This results in more power with a lower weight, as much as 20% curb fuel consumption than regular 2-stroke engines and drastically decreased exhaust emissions.

Manual gas pump:
A small fuel pump delivers gasoline to the carburettor at the touch of a button. This reduces the quantity of establishing strokes required following extended breaks in operations.

STIHL ErgoStart (E)
STIHL ErgoStart cuts the trouble required to the instrument by using half of, at the same time the starter wire will also be pulled at just one 1/3 of the normal force. A coil spring between the starter wire and the crankshaft smoothes out drive peaks, making them well-nigh undetectable by means of the twine itself. Here are some of its features:

Simplified opening process:
comfortably set the choke, pump the gasoline primer, pull the starter twine and away you go! The jogging machine then switches off after a short press of the discontinue button. As soon as the laptop is at a standstill, the ignition activates once more robotically. As a result the ignition is invariably ready for starting.

Bike handle:
When used along side a harness, the bike control enables a delicate mowing action. The bike handle allows for the computing device to be with no trouble guided, making it ultimate for engaged on significant areas and for that reason decreasing fatigue.

Multi-operate manipulate handle:
convenient, cozy thumb-operated control means the operator's hand certainly never has to leave the handle